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Hemsley & Hemsley Flaxseed & Carrot Crackers

I read the Hemsley & Hemsley The Art of Eating Well book like it’s a novel in bed. Totally ridiculous really but I can’t seem to get enough of the recipes which all sound delicious and are good for you too!

I had a go at the carrot and flaxseed crackers and definitely didn’t leave them in the oven long enough but they are crumbly and scoffable and a great snack to stave away the mid morning hunger. They have a savoury flavour and would go very well with soups or a little cheese and chutney.

flax ingredients

(make around 30 crackers)

100g ground almonds
60g carrot pulp (left over from juicing) or one medium sized carrot grated
90g whole flaxseed
1 tsp grated fresh garlic
1 tbsp herbs de Provence
1/2 tsp sea salt

Mix all ingredients together with your hand then pour onto a large piece of baking paper. Place over the top another sheet of baking paper and gently roll the mixture out till it is firm. Gently press through with a knife to indent lines going both ways so that once baked you can break off into crackers.

Lift top half of baking paper off and put the mixture into the oven at 180 degrees for approximately 12 minutes. I found this wasn’t long enough an had to leave them in for another 4 minutes and they were still very crumbly and was nervous of them burning so took them out.

I will try making these again however as the taste was very moreish.

flaxseed mix  flax mix pre roll

rolling pinflattened carrot flax flax final

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