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In the earth..



Today I had a wander around a beautiful garden where they had their own vegetables growing. I almost find it more fascinating to see vegetables growing than a flower. We are all so used to seeing vegetables on a supermarket shelf but to see them growing from the ground it is all rather beautiful and inspiring.



I of course also think flowers are beautiful and found a few delicate coloured dancing petals still glowing in the autumn sunshine determined not to be threatened by the changing of seasons. I even spotted a butterfly fluttering about his daily chores.


One vegetable we often fail to see in it’s natural state is the artichoke, it is all to easy to buy them in a tin or drowned in olive oil with a little charring from a griddle pan and chop them into a salad, but this gorgeous petaled beauty is indeed an artichoke. It grows up pointing to the sun almost like a sunflower wrapping each leaf gently around, protecting the delicious heart inside. My mother in law is a demon at preparing these such that I have been too lazy to learn myself.


It is my hope that one day I will be able to grow my own vegetables, I think the raised beds that one can buy are terribly clever and for a household of two one could grow a few delicious root vegetables and salad leaves to keep you going over the summer months. For now, it will just have to be my faithful friends Mr Basil, Mr Mint and Mrs Rosemary who sit pretty in my kitchen!

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