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Energy boosting oat, nut and date bites.

Sugar free goodies which provide a long lasting energy boost!

pbd bites

At home, we are obsessed by peanut butter and anything sweet so this ticks both those boxes. We often suffer from a mid morning lack of energy especially if we have managed to get to the gym pre work so these help bring back our blood sugar level and keep us going till lunch.

These can even be stored in the fridge for a week and you can take one out wrap it in cling film and take it in your hand bag. I am forever having to carry snacks for my husband. He suffers from hanger (angry due to hunger) frequently so if we have decided to do a big supermarket shop I need to ensure there are hanger avoidance measures at all times!

I like to squidge these into a ball shape in my hands as I think they hold together best like this. There are also numerous ways you can add different flavours and textures to these amazing bites.

I have recently started to make my own wholemeal peanut butter by taking peanuts still with their skin on and roasting in the oven till you can see some of the oil coming out of them. Then you add to a food processor and blitz for almost ten minutes. Add a splash of good olive oil to your nut mixture or coconut oil if you find the mixture is still too thick.

peanut B bite crunch

As per the above picture, take 125g oats and 125g peanut butter (crunchy, smooth, homemade or shop bought but preferably minus the sugar and palm oil!) and add to the food processor with 250 g chopped and stoned dates. Whiz up till all is mixed up well and no big chunks. Take a bit between your fingers and if it presses and firms up easily then you can start to roll these into bowls. If still a bit too crumbly add a bit more peanut butter. The measurements change due to how juicy your dates are. You can always pre-soak them for 10 minutes in boiling water. Best way to roll the bites are to take a large spoon full and press between cupped hands.

Once rolled into balls store in between baking paper in a cool place.

peanut B bite rollpeanut bites chocolate

Flavour additions:
Tbsp Honey & tsp toasted sesame seeds (just use a little less peanut butter)
Tbsp Cocoa powder to make them chocolaty and obviously add more to taste – image above of chocolate ones!
Almond butter and whole chopped up almonds (replace the peanut butter with this)


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