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No packed lunch for Monday

You have been away for the weekend, got home late Sunday night and slumped on the sofa while you waited for the doorbell to ring with your takeaway..

At this stage you didn’t even consider that by 11am  Monday morning you would also be completely STARVING, craving a big baked potato covered in baked beans and melted cheese for your lunch. Not to mention the fact that once you have eaten your HUGE baked potato, you feel stuffed, sluggish and didn’t actually enjoy it that much anyway.

So here is my little tip to stop you reaching out for that baked potato come Monday lunch time and a few other time saving healthy tips.

First of all, always have eggs in the house, that means when you get home late any night, especially a Sunday, you can have a quick plate of scrambled eggs and that will be a light but protein packed dinner just before bed. If you don’t feel full enough, have a handful of nuts and dried fruit which will feel like pudding or a teaspoon of almond butter on a slice of apple.


During the week, you started off meaning well by bulk buying veg, then by Thursday you find half the vegetables you bought are still unused. Rather than let them go squidgy over the weekend, its time to cook them up. Also, try and keep a stock of garlic bulbs and onions in the house, they last for ages and are a brilliant base to many dishes.

So you are late in from the pub, you need to pack, shower and let’s be honest.. just fall into bed. Now is the time to prep Monday’s lunch.. It will take you 5 minutes I promise to just chop up those vegetables, drizzle a little olive oil, salt and pepper and chuck over some garlic cloves and pop into your oven. Then go and pack and faff like any girl is good at doing and by the time you are almost ready to leap into bed your vegetables will be beautifully roasted. Leave out to cool over night with a tea towel over them and in the morning, shove into freezer bags and pop into the freezer.

Sunday night, tired, exhausted and can’t be bothered.. take out those veg to defrost, pour some boiling water over some cous cous and look at it again in the morning. Monday morning, all you need to do is pop it into a tupperware and put it in your handbag for your healthy Monday lunch.

WARNING ADVICE: set alarms on your phone as you will be doing these tasks when sleepy and it’s very easy to leave the veg in the oven or the tupperware on the kitchen table!



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