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Brazil nut and almond crumble cookies

cookie pile

Well they are not really cookies or a crumble but I couldn’t think of a better description for them. But what they are is totally delicious, sweet, crunchy, soft and filling.

As you can probably tell by looking at my blog, I am forever on the hunt for a healthy snack which tastes like a really naughty snack and this one completes that brief!

The joys of these little snacks are that they are gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. Similar in many ways to the energy balls but these come out a little sweeter and gooey.

The flavouring also reminds me of a biscuity base of a tart or a crumble topping. I am going to cut up some apples and stew them a little with some lemon juice and maple syrup then crumble this on top. It would be a wonderful gluten and dairy free pudding.

I am very lucky as I don’t seem to be intolerant to any foods but eating snacks like this are 100% more natural and better for me than any shop bought option.  I also must admit that when I have stuck to a few days of no refined sugar my skin looks better, I feel less sluggish and I don’t crave carb heavy foods. Many of us end up trying to go gluten free or carb free as a diet, it is however very hard to sustain this way of life and I believe it doesn’t suit all of our bodies to cut out certain foods either. We are all different so find the balance that works for you, the best way to see if it is the right way of eating for you is how you feel, how your energy levels are and even how you are sleeping.

With Christmas only a few days away I know we can’t all be perfect and I don’t think anyone should be. But don’t fall down that slippy slope and think, well I have been so bad already I might as well carry on, you won’t thank yourself for it. Be naughty in moderation and your body will recover much faster and make those new year diet resolutions much easier.

Anyway, back to the biscuity cookie recipe! I have given a couple of alternative ingredients if you don’t have certain ones in the house.  You could also add a little ground ginger and dried cranberries to make them a bit more christmasy.

almond and brazil nut


60 g brazil nuts
50 g ground almonds (or desiccated coconut)
100 g dates
1/2 tbsp coconut oil
50 g almond butter (or peanut butter)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 pinch salt flakes

Soak your dates in boiling water and once cooled, remove the stones and place into food processor with the ground almonds, nut butter and coconut oil. Whizz up till combined and finely chopped. Then add the cinnamon, vanilla and salt and give another blast.

You can then either chop up your nuts and stir through or chuck in whole and pulse in the food processor making sure they don’t get too chopped up. (This ensures there is a nice texture in your cookies)

Take spoonfuls and make either into round balls or cookie shaped biscuits and place into the fridge to set. Probably best to keep in the fridge till you want to eat them.

cookie crumble

Icookie final





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