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lemons, limes and all things citrus

juicy lemonHow many times have you only used half a lemon for a recipe, or just a few wedges of lime for your gin & tonic. Then you pop that half unused fruit back in your fridge and it dries up and is basically useless for any other purpose?

lemons and lime whole

I’m addicted to drinking a slice of lemon and fresh ginger in hot water. I drink it all day long but what I don’t want is an air dried lemon from the fridge – I want a juicy citrus fresh lemon.

So here is my trick, taught to me by my mother in law!

Take a plate and add a thin layer of cold water over the surface and place your citrus fruit cut side down and place into the fridge. I promise, this will keep it almost like fresh for up to a week.


lemon in water

lemon in hot water


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