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Coffee – a fat burning start to the day?

My one vice that I just can’t give up is coffee and each year I think to myself.. maybe this new year I should make a resolution to give it up. Then when I wake up from lack of sleep on New Years day I quickly realise this is a rubbish idea. I have also managed to wean myself off a teaspoon of sugar and on to agave syrup in my coffee so I am not going to give up everything for the one thing that will get me out of bed! I am actually one of those people who likes to get up in the morning. I hate to lie in bed thinking about all the things I could be doing. I would much rather just get up and do them (sometimes of a weekend, I have an afternoon nap – it feels like the ultimate indulgence). Anyway, back to coffee. I have recently read that it isn’t as bad as once thought and some studies have proven that one is less likely to …

No packed lunch for Monday

You have been away for the weekend, got home late Sunday night and slumped on the sofa while you waited for the doorbell to ring with your takeaway.. At this stage you didn’t even consider that by 11am  Monday morning you would also be completely STARVING, craving a big baked potato covered in baked beans and melted cheese for your lunch. Not to mention the fact that once you have eaten your HUGE baked potato, you feel stuffed, sluggish and didn’t actually enjoy it that much anyway. So here is my little tip to stop you reaching out for that baked potato come Monday lunch time and a few other time saving healthy tips. First of all, always have eggs in the house, that means when you get home late any night, especially a Sunday, you can have a quick plate of scrambled eggs and that will be a light but protein packed dinner just before bed. If you don’t feel full enough, have a handful of nuts and dried fruit which will feel like pudding or a teaspoon …

Onions – they make me cry

Do you have the issue that when you chop up onions they make you cry? I have been known to resort to wearing ski goggles to stop this happening. Tears stream down my eyes and I have to go outside for fresh air before I can finish chopping. I have tried sticking brown bread in my cheeks, burning a candle near by, having the window open but nothing really worked and white onions basically had to be avoided at all costs. The reason for our eyes watering is that when we cut into an onion, it releases a sulphuric acid that reacts with the moisture in our eyes and creates a burning sensation which in turn makes the eyes water. So to help in this situation, take your onion, and chop off the top, then cut in half but do not remove the bottom (the root) and just peel back the outer thicker skin. From here you can chop finely, in slices or how ever you wish and just do not take off the final roots till …

Thinking ahead…mince pies

Ok so I know it isn’t quite yet December but that is what is so brilliant about this tip.. Make your mince pies now, then freeze them, you don’t even need to cook them yet. Put the pretty little pies in the freezer in their tray and once frozen, divide up into bags of two- four. Then during December you can be smug in the knowledge that at any dinner party you have, pudding is already in the freezer. Or even afternoon tea with some mulled wine, totally my favourite with some Christmas Carols in the background. With the mince pies, take them out of the freezer and pop them straight into a hot oven, around 180 degrees, for 15-20 minutes, checking after 15 mins as each oven varies with its speed of cooking (may take longer depending on how big you made your mince pies). Before serving sprinkle with caster sugar and serve with vanilla ice cream or brandy butter.    

Simple things to make life easier

When I hear of a good tip, I am going to tell you them. Of course I will try them out myself first.. but this one is brilliant: When baking, roasting, cooking anything in the oven like granola, roast vegetables, salmon steaks – the list goes on.. line the base of the baking tray with baking parchment. Everything still crisps up nicely and the joyous bit is you can throw out the crispy, slightly stuck on bits of food straight into the bin and minimal washing up. Also it helps to make sure it is non stick – win win I say! OK so this isn’t brilliant for the environment I do hear you, but sometimes one doesn’t have enough time to scrub sticky bits off baking trays.