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Born in Scotland and lived most of my life in London I have been in the epicentre of all that is new and exciting in the world of good food. Having spent too many years behind a desk and recently married I have taken a break to write, photograph and cook. My main focus is to try and not get too fat in this process but even if I end up a little squidgy I am sure it will be worth it.

I am all about eating anything and everything. My motto is to try it at least once. Don’t starve your body all the time, fill it with goodness but also a few treats here and there. We only live once, let’s enjoy that lifetime.

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  1. Min says

    Greetings from Singapore, I am a dietary researcher who is constructing an electronic diet questionnaire that includes dietary items for Chinese, Malay and Indian population in Singapore. In the e-questionnaire we would need good quality photos to illustrate portion of each food item.

    I was very impressed by the strawberry photo as it was shot beautifully and also match the criteria “5 strawberries” As I have limited research funding, I am trying to find creative ways of sourcing good quality photo online, e.g: from food blog, etc. I wonder if it is OK for me to reproduce the photo? Do you want to send me a photo with your initial/ blog name watermark at the corner of the photo, if you prefer so?

    I hope this is fine, let me know, thank you very much.


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