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I always keep tins of chickpeas in the cupboard in case I do a last minute dinner or drinks at my house and need a quick snack / starter. What is brilliant about humous is that you can freeze it too. I also find it really useful to always have a lemon and a lime in the fridge. Lemons can be used in salad dressings to sharpen them so it won’t be wasted if you only use half for your humous. (Limes, well yes, in a G&T mainly)


Juice of half a lemon
400g tin of chick peas
3 tbsp tahini
iced water to thin
Pinch salt
Garlic clove
Tsp toasted Cumin (Or any other additional flavour)


Take all the ingredients apart from the water and blitz in a food processor, then add water just a small drizzle at a time while you have the food processor on till your humous is at the thickness you prefer. Add a further pinch of salt or more lemon to taste. DSC_0283


Other flavour combinations are:

Roasted Red pepper – roast chopped up pepper in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper and blitz in with your humous. (Make sure you keep a little back to finely chop over the top to allow your guests to know the flavour)

Caramelised onion – slice a red or white onion and put in a non stick pot with a little oil and gently heat with the lid on stirring occasionally until they are soft and sticky. Repeat with the addition of them to your humous mixture as above

Lemon and coriander – just add coriander leaves and a bit more lemon to your mix and whizz up

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